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Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent - jbrannen1643
July 4th, 2008
11:02 pm


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Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent

Okay first off I would pray hoping I go to heaven. The next thing I would do after I prayed is eat my favorite foods; macaroni & cheese, lasagna, bread sticks, steak, ribs, pizza, fried chicken, okra, grits, crab cakes, rice, cheese dip, hashbrown casserole, chicken casserole, french fries, potatoe salad, cole slaw, chicken fingers(from zaxbys), chicken nuggets(chickfila), & tons of other foods. Then after I ate all of the food in the sentence above I would eat my favorite desserts; apple pie, chocolate cake, cup cakes( Candice B. makes the best cup cakes ever), Strawberry Cheesecake, & Strawberry Cake. Then I would get on a plane and fly to as many states as I Could and take a picture in all the states. Then after I traveled  as many states as possible to get off at the last state I would sky dive and end up in some crystal clear water in the bahamas. Then after I get out of the water I would get ready as fast as possible and go to some exquisite resteraunt where I would meet the man of my dreams and we would run and go get married somewhere as FAST as possible..but I would only do that If I wasn't married yet! Then I would jet set back home and Tell everyone what they truly meant to me and how they have changed me and my outlook on life & ect.. Then I would take my doggy bruno to the beach after I tell my family the heart brakeing news. Then I find the most expensive hotel room in the USA and get on a plane again and fly to it. Then I get to the hotel and pray some more then I lay down to go to slepp and then die the next morning and don't have to pay the expensive hotel bill. But in the whole plane process let's just pray to god some more than a plane doesn't get jacked while I am on it!

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